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There are a broad range of opportunities to work at Winston Solicitors in 2022

Current vacancies 

  1. Conveyancing Fee Earner
  2. Conveyancing Assistant (with post completion)

Background: I started the firm with a vision to provide online legal services in 2002. Working from a spare room at home, similar to how many of us work now, I believed it was possible to obtain instructions remotely. Roll forward 20 years and remote instruction via Zoom, Skype and Teams, is the norm!

Physical and Online presence: Whilst the key to starting the business was online, I realised clients appreciated the ability to attend a physical base, and found the perfect location for my fledging business in 2004. A very large house in fantastic grounds, close to Roundhay Park in North Leeds. That house became our office, was extended in 2006, so it can comfortably hold 40 people. With four conference rooms and parking for more than 20, it really is an ideal location.

What is it like working at Winston Solicitors? In normal times, we hold lots of events such as our wonderful charity quiz night on behalf of Leeds Mencap, bonfire night, curry night, charity events, monthly team talks and ‘fuddles’. Whilst we are limited to video team talks at present, we have still managed to raise funds for charity, with our July month of exercise and even an eat your own bake off competition.

Our work systems are cloud based, to enable access wherever you are live in the country. They utilise modern workflows designed and built in-house. Our aim is to provide better remote communication for clients, admin automation and easy routes to marketing our services on social media and online.

Great teamwork creates great team service. The best independent proof of this, is in the regular fantastic reviews we receive from our Clients. With over 2000 Five Star testimonials over various feedback platforms, we believe we do match our business motto of ‘when service wins’.

Who are we looking for? We regularly advertise our roles on this website and on job platforms like Indeed. There are often a number of vacancies at various levels in the firm. We expect 2022 to be a growth year for Winston Solicitors.

Can you contact us even if there is no specific vacancy? Yes absolutely, but when doing so, please consider how that role will be funded? This means the people most likely to be recruited are those with genuine following, and or costed business plans who are prepared to share in the risk and reward. We receive many enquiries from highly talented lawyers, but unless the role can be funded by their following or business plan, it is usually not possible to recruit on talent alone.

If you have a following or a great business plan: We are ‘all ears’. I am happy to personally discuss all such plans to see if they will fit into our business model. As we offer many different services, there are plenty of opportunities.

Can I work from home? One day lockdown and tiers will be a thing of the past. Thankfully home working will not, as it has been as important to be able to home work today, as it was when I set up working from home 20 years ago. That’s why our systems are designed to be as effective from a home office in Barnsley or Skipton, as they are from our fabulous North Leeds office.

Do you recruit Consultants? Yes in fact we have always recruited self-employed Consultants; there are currently 5 in the business, with our most recent joining in 2021.

What’s the best way to get in contact? Existing roles and speculative non funded applications can be made to our practice manager Camilla Asher All self-employed, lawyers with following / or costed business plan to myself

Good luck with whatever 2022 brings.
Jonathan Winston (founder of Winston Solicitors)