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As solicitors we will always seek to achieve a firm but fair outcome, enabling you to get on with your life.

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We understand that divorce and dissolution is often an emotional and stressful experience. It is not just the legal process which ends your contract of marriage, it is the effect it has on family and friends. At Winston Solicitors we do not lose sight of this, and will use our wealth of knowledge and experience to tailor divorce and dissolution solutions for your particular situation.

Many people have children and financial issues to sort out when they divorce. These issues are 'ancillary' to the divorce process and you should think of your divorce in three parts:

  1. Divorce process
  2. Issues relating to children
  3. Financial settlements

We are able to advise you, and if necessary represent you in court, in relation to all of the issues which arise within a divorce, whether your circumstances are straightforward and your divorce amicable, or if things are more difficult between you.

For advice and support, please contact your Family Law Team on 0774 703 1270 or by email family@winstonsolicitors.co.uk.

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You can also find out what over services we offer at our Leeds Solicitors.

Each divorce follows the same process and there is no 'quickie divorce' We hope that 'no fault' proceedings will come in to practice in 2021.

If your marriage was legally recognised in the country your marriage took place, you can commence a divorce in England if you are habitually resident or domiciled in England or Wales.

The majority of divorces proceed undefended and it is rare to need to physically attend court. If you divorce is defended we would recommend you obtain specialist advice.

Yes you need your original marriage certificate and an official translation if this is not in English. You can usually obtain certified copies but you can apply to court to dispense with filing a marriage certificate in certain circumstances.

A paper divorce is currently taking around 9-12 months. Online it takes around 4-5 months.

There is no time bar if you wish to marry in England or Wales but you will need to check the country in which you intend to marry but you must be divorced and have your Decree Absolute.

Only certain law firms offer legal aid and to provide this they have to have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency. Legal Aid can provide people with financial assistance to help pay for their legal fees but certain conditions need to be met to be eligible for this.